CRM PowerBI Content Packs Demystified

You've probably seen the cool demos where someone connects PowerBI to CRM and a pretty dashboard is available I bet at least once you've wondered how »

Xrm.Tools now supports CRM3/CRM8 regions

Xrm.Tools now is able to work with CRM3(Canada) and CRM8 (India) region organizations. If you have suggestions on new tools or changes - please »

Xrm.Tools - Security Role Explorer

Managing and understanding security roles in CRM can be tough. One of the Tools on Xrm.Tools is a Security Role Explorer, which tries to help »

Parsing CRM OData v4 Metadata

One of the nice things about OData is it has a lot of rich metadata available. If you want to have it parsed into a nice »

Make the most of your CRM Trial

One of the nice things that changed recently in CRM Online is the ability to change the instance type of a CRM organization. That means you »