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RTM of Visual Studio 2008

I've been pushing hard on using VS2008 with CRM 4 (Titan), and I'm more than happy to see it RTM.  I have seen a ton of productivity gain from using it over VS2005.

You can read Soma's announcement of the RTM here.  And yes, Philip has chimed in from the CRM team side saying it will work seamlessly with CRM 4.0 here.

From a CRM point of view my two favorite features have been the fact that JavaScript has intellisense and coloring and the multi targeting.    Multi targeting let's you pick the framework version that you want to run against meaning you don't have to do 3.5 just to move up to VS 2008.  That's a big deal because not everyone wants to jump to the latest framework, even though most the changes are a superset, but still no reason not to take advantage of the VS interface improvements.

Also along with VS2008 if your using or thinking of using Team System there was a huge investments in features there as well.  Jeff Beehler's blog has a great post on it here.  And yes, Team System is great for managing a CRM related development project.

I've been in the process of upgrading my development machines from Beta 2, I blogged about the process I used here including some steps I used to make it faster.

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