New CRM Phone Client Released

The next major milestone in the Dynamics CRM mobile story just played out with the phone clients becoming available for Windows Phone, iPhone and Android devices. »

Serializing EntityCollections

I recently replied to a question about serializing entity collection. The problem they were having was not getting values of entity attributes serialized when using XmlSerializer. »

Creating Test Users for CRM Online with PowerShell

After a while you get tired of creating a few test users and look for an automated approach. Here's a simple PowerShell that you can drop »

Quick Viso Data Model Diagram

One of the samples in the SDK that is often overlooked is a Visio data model generator. You can find it in the SDK samples $SDK/ »

Next Up - Extreme CRM Madrid

Are you going? Busy week here in Colorado before heading out to Madrid for the Extreme CRM Conference Monday before the conference starts I'm part of »