Where did my instance go...

I just reset one of our sandbox instances to the 9.0 release this evening and I was reminded of one of the weird messages you »

When should you use App Modules?

One of the questions I get frequently is "Hey Dave, when should I use the App Module feature of Dynamics 365?" First, let's talk about what »

Creating a Skype for Business Meeting

One of the things we have been doing for XrmVirtual.com user group is automating more of the group meeting management process. Today we were able »

Configuring Custom Domains on Portals

Just finishing up setting up a new instance of Microsoft Portals for Dynamics 365 I wanted to jot down a couple things to remember for the »

Version number history for Dynamics 365

Putting this here as much for you as for me. Here are a couple of blog post that appear to keep current historical look at the »