Disabling/Enabling Enties for CRM Mobile

In my prior post I showed how to query for entities that were enabled for mobile (tablet). Using that same query you can swap out the »

Querying CRM Metadata for Mobile Enabled

You can of course open up each entity and check the Is Enabled for Mobile checkbox on the entity defintion. But that could take a while. »

Building multi-tenant web Apps talking to CRM

I wanted to try to capture the shortest path to creating an ASP.NET site that use Azure AD to authenticate the user and then used »

CRM 7.1 Preview SDK Assemblies on NuGet

Microsoft has released the preview SDK assemblies for CRM 2015 Spring Update AKA 7.1 on Nuget. You have to filter on Preview releases to be »

Risk of adding Field Level Security later

I happened to see Inogic's blog on A Tip While Working with Field Level Security fly by my Twitter feed and it reminded me that you »