Creating Test Users for CRM Online with PowerShell

After a while you get tired of creating a few test users and look for an automated approach. Here's a simple PowerShell that you can drop »

Quick Viso Data Model Diagram

One of the samples in the SDK that is often overlooked is a Visio data model generator. You can find it in the SDK samples $SDK/ »

Next Up - Extreme CRM Madrid

Are you going? Busy week here in Colorado before heading out to Madrid for the Extreme CRM Conference Monday before the conference starts I'm part of »

Using CRM Package Deployer without a Developer

The Package Deployer is a tool that can allow CRM administrators to install Data and Solutions into CRM. It uses the concept of "packages" which is »

Disabling/Enabling Enties for CRM Mobile

In my prior post I showed how to query for entities that were enabled for mobile (tablet). Using that same query you can swap out the »